In 2013, I saw footage of Kevin Richardson, the Lion Whisperer, on the Internet playing and swimming with lions and rough-housing with hyenas.  It conjured up childhood images of talking animals and utopian lands where humans play with beasts in idyllic settings. 


After much researching,  I learned of his work as an animal behaviorist, a protector of large mammals, and a conservationist bringing awareness to their declining numbers through habitat loss and the horrors of canned lion hunting.


Inspired by his story and drawn to this world where one human is deeply connected to our fellow beasts, I wanted to paint that relationship and help the sanctuary by bringing awareness of their mission to people in New York City and the US.  In doing so, I also hoped to remind myself and others of the healing power of connecting back to nature.    

Together with Kevin and our advisory board, we raised money so I could fly to South Africa and document his sanctuary.  Bringing back countless sketches and photographs, I’ve created works on paper and canvas with 50% of the sale going to support the Kevin Richardson Wildlife Sanctuary.

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If you would like to purchase this art that supports and celebrates the potentiality of our relationship to nature and the amazing work that Kevin is doing, here’s a link to works on paper and archival pigment prints.  If you are interested in one of the larger works on canvas, please contact us for a full list of images and information. 


We greatly appreciate your support.

All the best,
Suzanne and Kevin and the Art of the Pride team